Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tummy full of Turkey

Hey everyone! I am here to report, that at 9:20am, it is slightly SNOWING in Austin!! Yay yay yay! I am so excited, but I'm at work and I know it won't last! I am looking forward to the freeze warning tonight at 6pm and plan on staying in and watching movies and stuff all weekend! Any snow in Houston Van?

So a recap of the past week or so...

A few days before Thanksgiving break there was a meteor shower. It was also Michael Conlon's B-day so he invited a bunch of people to go out to Pedernales Falls at night and enjoy the cold weather and watch the sky. Darian, Mike and I decided to drive out, but couldn't remember how exactly to get there (it's around 40min from the city). Luckily Mike had an Iphone so we were using the navigating system on it. It kept taking us down these pitch-black roads, and there was no moon that night. We were supposedly supposed to go down one road for like 5 miles then turn right, but after 4 miles it was a deadend (??), so we decided to turn down a road a little ways back. As we were driving down that, Mike said "I don't know how to tell you this, but my Iphone died." Yikes! We were in nowhere's ville! Luckily we just kept going on that road and it led us right to the park! We found MCo's campsite and we popped popcorn over a fire, had marshmallows and birthday cake and looked at the stars (we didn't see any meteors though). It was a fun time, and we had better luck with getting home, luckily.

Wednesday before Thanksgiving I headed to Sugar Land. I was so excited because at night I got to hang out with some old buddies! Sara, Nicole, Jessie and I went to Escalantes for dinner in Town Center, margaritas! After dinner, we went to meet Darian and some of his friends at Olives, where we also ran into Vanessa and Kip! We knew we were going to run into highschool people at Town Center, and we were right! Luckily we ran into people we know and like instead of awkward people. We all had a martini and then headed over to Baker Street where we ran into Kyle and some of his guys! (We missed you Stephanie!) We chatted with them for a while, and then some weird guy bought us all jello shots, which no one wanted (so I took many of them). It was a fun night overall! I've missed my buddies!

Thanksgiving was a great day, as usual. In the morning I made some pumpkin pies and a pistachio salad. At 2pm I went to Darian's for feast #1. It was delicious. I could have kept eating and eating but I knew I had my own dinner to go to later. After eating, we sat on the couch and I almost went into a turkey coma! I had to leave right away so I could get home and take a nap. I've never experience such an intense reaction to turkey, it was funny. At around 6pm I ate dinner with my family and Scott's girlfriend, Natalie. Couldn't quite eat that much the 2nd time. Then I hung out with my mom while everyone else watched the football game (grr why can't they have the football game the day before or the day after thanksgiving?)

Friday early morning I drove with my family up to the cabin, which is about 4 hours when you figure in the stopping for lunch. We just hung out and relaxed on Friday because we were having another feast on Saturday. The next day we got to work preparing for an Italian dinner that Darian's mom and aunt were coming for. My mom made a delicious pumpkin, gingersnap, caramel, pecan cheesecake!! She also made chicken scaloppine with pasta and a lasagna. Darian came up in the early afternoon and his mom and aunt came soon after. While we were hanging out, I was outside, Josie was inside, fighting a wasp. Scott said he saw her holding the wasp in her mouth. Then she jumped back and the wasp flew out, and Scott stepped on it. He told me she might have gotten stung. She didn't seem to be hurting or bothered, but sure enough, 10 minutes later, the right side of her bottom lip was swollen and sagging!! I think the wasp stung her in the mouth! She still didn't seem upset or anything. I wish I had gotten a picture! Luckily the swelling went down after too long.

We went on a little hike up the hill behind our house and then had a very yummy dinner. Then we played Apples to Apples before Darian's ladies left to drive the 4 hours back to Sugar Land. It was a rather cozy weekend I must say.

This week has simply been shopping, trying to get free stuff, at Victoria's Secret with Melanie, watching movies at the Alamo, trying to eat lots of free food, and baking cookies. Now to enjoy a weekend of similar activities!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A new post! Can you believe it??!!

I'm soooo sorry for not posting in like years you guys! For a while, I kinda forgot about the whole blog things, and then I just clicked on all of yours today and got to read a couple posts from each of you! I don't know how I'll ever catch up, but I'll bullet-point a few choice memories from the past few weeks...

-Galveston(long time ago, I know!!): a weekend in which we hung out at the Hotel San Jose outside bar which was really cool, saw a bunch of red hat ladies, sat on a giant chair, went on a not-so-scary ghost tour with the craziest guy, Dash Beardsly:

We did learn on the ghost tour that all Galveston buildings are old and very creepy, and if ghosts exist, they most certainly would be lurking around Galveston.

-I've been enjoying work at the Alamo Drafthouse, just making some trailers every couple of days. Nothing too different or exciting from what I started doing. I think i'm pretty good at it. Hopefully my boss agrees. Van-if you're ever wanting to see a movie and want to go to the Alamo Westoaks, you can see my He-Man christmas "book your private party at the Alamo" ad before the movie!

-Darian, his friends Mike and Kyle, Melanie and I have been hanging out often. A few weeks ago we went to this new place called the Highball. It's in the same shopping center as the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. It's a really cool place! It has a big bar and tables and you can order all sorts of drinks and food. Then there are 8lanes of bowling. The bowling alley was taken from this super old bowling alley in New Orleans so it's all manual scoring and stuff. It's really neat! They also have this big dance floor. We were there on a Tuesday and there was no dancing to be had, so maybe they have a dj on friday and saturday? They also have private karaoke rooms that are themed to different kinds of music and come with props and stuff. You can have bottle service in these rooms too. So it's basically a cool place and is open til 2am! It is a bit expensive if you keep ordering beer though... But bowling isn't too bad. 25-30$ an hour for a lane (includes up to 6 bowlers) and like 3$ for shoes.(the night we went here was the night CC called Mel).

-The other night, I don't know how she did it, but Mel convinced Darian to go to SoHo on a SUNDAY night???!!! They were having a special free keg party and we wanted to go, and Melanie convinced Darian and Mike to go! We got there around 10 and there were only a few people there (definitely not a party) but people were playing beer pong and stuff. There was no keg in sight, so we went up and asked the bartender about the free beer/keg. They had a keg hidden behind the counter, and i guess if you knew about it, you got free beer. If you didn't you got to just pay for beer like usual! We should start doing this at all bars, asking for free drinks. Who knows when there's a free VIP keg behind the bar? We had a few beers and played a little beanbag toss. It was kind of a weird deal, but fun none-the-less.

-I went to Houston a few weeks ago because my grandma's place was having an early Thanksgiving dinner. It was actually kind of fun! They had a huge buffet, wine, and lots of dessert. It didn't seem to be like nursing home food, which is always a bit creepy. My grandma was pretty happy to see all of us (it's been a while since all 4 of us have been able to go visit her). It was a nice time!

-I've been going to see lots of movies lately, and many of them have been no bueno. I saw The Men Who Stare at Goats most recently. It wasn't the best but not as bad as Van says, lol. I also went to see Ther Box. BAAAAAD! It was so disappointing because it is just a cool idea, but they just butchered it by making it more and more complicated for no reason! And Cameron Diaz was suuuuper bad. Saw VI was also terrible, but I had expected that. Tomorrow Mel and I are going to see New Moon. It'll be at noon on a Monday, so it shouldn't really be crowded.

-Mel and I, in order to keep active, have started to play tennis. We found free courts in a park off of Shoal Creek. It's really fun, and we're not as bad as we expected to be! There's no greater satisfaction then returning a ball with force across the net! Too bad it's getting cold. It won't be as easy/fun to go out in play.

-At my other job the other day I was thinking. I get free lunch at work because production pays for my lunch. Brad Pitt is one of the producers of the movie, so can I say that Brad Pitt buys me lunch once a week??? I think I like that idea!

Anyways, those I guess are the highlights of the past weeks. i will stay on top of my blog, I promise! Now that I'm up to date, posting won't seem like such a big deal, haha. Well I hope you all enjoy Turkey Week, I can't wait to hear all about your feasts!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I feel like taking a fun survey....

Movie Survey:

1. Last movie you rented? True Blood Season 1
2. Last movie you saw in theatres? Zombieland, and before that, Zombieland
3. Best action movie? Planet Terror
4. Best comedy movie? Airplane! and Waiting for Guffman
5. Best drama movie? American Beauty
6. Best romance movie? The Notebook and Love Actually
7. Favorite Actor? Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg
8. Favorite Actress? Amy Adams, Rachel McAdams, Annette Benning
9. Worst Movie? My answer to this question has always been The Indian in the Cupboard, but I no longer remember why
10. Best Movie? Strangers on a Train, I Heart Huckabees, The Talented Mr. Ripley....
11. Last Movie You Kissed to? Who "kisses" to a movie? You'd miss the movie!
12. Who was the last person you went to a movie with? Darian, Mike, and Kyle
13. Your favorite movie theatre? Alamo Drafthouse!!! (specifically the Lake Creek one cause i get free movies and food!)
14. Favorite place to rent movies? Vulcan Video
15. Do you have Netflix? Yes, but I usually only use it for the Watch Instantly feature
16. Favorite movie character? Corky Sinclair
17. Best line in a movie? "I'm gonna go home...and bite my pillow! is what i'm gonna do!"
18. Last movie you fell asleep in? i usually don't fall asleep in movies, so i don't know.
19. Last movie you saw while having sex/making out? I guess this quiz is for emo highschool kids...
20. Best kiss scene? The Notebook
21. Best death scene? Inglourious Basterds, the big scene
22. Best soundtrack? Garden State
23. Best director? Hitchcock, Terrence Malick, Quentin Tarantino, RObert Rodriguez, Godard, Antonioni, Christopher Guest, Tim Burton, Wes Anderson...
24. Worst director? i avoid seeing bad movies, so i don't know...
25. Old movies or newer movies? Old is usually better
26. Best actor/actress of all time? Cary Grant (hilarious in Arsenic and Old Lace) and Gene Kelly, because he sang, danced, and acted! Why don't people do that anymore???
27. Do you watch the Academy Awards? Yes
28. Indie movies or mainstream? Both.
29. Do you watch foreign films? Yes!!
30. Favorite decade of movies? 60s!
31. Last movie bought? Shaft Goes to Africa (or something like that. For Darian for our anniversary, shh!)
32. Movie watched the most? Mrs. Doubtfire and Back to the Future, or more recently, probably Mean Girls
33. Famous actors/actresses met? Billy Bob Thornton (so classy)
34. Movie you wish you could've been in? Daisies or Planet Terror
35. If you had your own movie, what would the title be? I don't understand this question.
36. Used movies or new movies? If i can find a movie i want used, heck yes, it's cheaper!
37. Best cinematography? Wes Anderson, The Graduate, The Conformist
38. Best horror film? I like watching horror films, but not because i think they're "good". But a good one is The Shining
39. Best casting? I Heart Huckabees
40. Worst casting? Christopher Nolan casts unattractive actresses like the wife in Memento and Maggie Gyllenhal in The Dark Knight
41. Last movie you watched in school? Okay, i guess this really is a survey for highschoolers, but it's too late to turn back now!
42. Last movie watched with family? Mean Girls (at my dad's request, lol)
43. Last movie watched with g/f or b/f? Sunshine Cleaning
44. First DVD ever purchased? I don't remember, but when we got a dvd player one Christmas, my dad bought us I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Shining
45. Favorite snack during movie? Popcorn or green chili cheese fries at the Alamo
46. Movie you want to see? Whip It, Where the Wild Things Are, and Alice in Wonderland!!
47. Movie you were forced to watch? i don't know
48. Best movie poster? North by Northwest, most Hitchcock movies
49. Last movie borrowed from? I dunno
50. How many dvds do you own? Lots

Have you seen:
-The 40 Year Old Virgin? Yes
-American Pie? No
-Road Trip? No
-Boogie Nights? Yes (so good!)
-The Waterboy? Yes
-Not Another Teen Movie? Not all of it
-Deuce Bigalow? No
-The Skeleton Key? I think so
-Big Daddy? Yes
-Malibu's Most Wanter? No
-Cheaper By the Dozen? Maybe?
-The Butterfly Effect? Yes
-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Yes, the old one
-Freddy vs Jason? No
-The Seed of Chucky? Unfortunately, no
-The Blair Witch Project? Yes
-The Ring? Yes
-Evita? No
-Cross Roads? With Britney Spears? then yes
-Almost Famous? Yes
-Dr. Giggles? No
-Beetle Juice? Probably
-Dukes of Hazzard? No
-Finding Neverland? Yes
-Flowers in the Attic? No
-An American Tale? Yes! Fievel!
-Mr. and Mrs. Smith? No
-Jurassic Park? Yes
-The Princess Diaries? Yes
-The Corpse Bride? No
-March of the Penguins? Yes
-Wedding Crashers? Yes
--Sky High? No
-Toy Story? Yes
-Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Yes
-Dead Poets Society? No
-Bubble Boy? No
-Broke Down Palace? No
-The Exorcism of Emily Rose? No
-Big Mama's House? No
-Batman Begins? Yes
-Sin City? Not all of it
-War of the Worlds? No
-The Land Before Time? Yes
-Halloween H2O? Maybe
-Something About Mary? No
-Chicken Little? Yes
-Wrong Turn? No
-Pumpkin Head 2? I now regret taking this survey, and apologize if you're reading this
-Jerry Maguire? No
-Dirty Dancing? Yes
-Titanic? Yes
-Ice Age? No
-What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Parts of it
-Benny and June? Yes
-Reality Bites? No
-Mr. Magoo? No
-Cruel Intentions? Yes
-Mean Girls? Yes
-The Sweetest Thing? Yes
-Sixteen Candles? Yes

Okay, that was dumb. Feel free to copy this and do it yourself if you like!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Delicious Recipe!!!

I know I just posted yesterday, but I just have to tell you guys the greatest fall recipe!! You should definitely try this one soon and let me know if you like it!


-1 Acorn Squash
-2-4 Tablespoons of butter
-Brown sugar

1. Preheat oven to 375
2. Cut open acorn squash long way (so halves are almost identical) and scoop out the seeds. Put halves open side down in a glass pan. Put water in the pan so it is 1/2- 1 inch deep and squash halves are sitting in it.
3. Cook in oven on 375 for 30 min.
4. Remove squash, empty water out of pan, and turn squash over so the inside is facing up in pan.
5. Put a 1-2tbsp chunk of butter in the middle of each half. Then sprinkle a generous amount of brown sugar on top and add as much salt, pepper, and cinnamon as you like.
6. Put pan with squash back into the oven and cook for another 30min on 375.
7. Remove from oven, and eat the yummy goodness!!

This is a really easy recipe, as long as you can find acorn squash in the store. One squash can feed 2 people, unless you're really hungry. This works as a meal, or you can have it as a dessert if you want. Enjoy it with some warm apple cider!

Let me know if you guys try it!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Hi Everyone!

So I'm just relaxing after a fun birthday weekend. It is kinda chilly out and I am really loving it! It's like I get to enjoy the other half of my wardrobe!

So this past week I got to celebrate my birthday, which is always fun :) It started on Wed when Darian brought me roses after work. Melanie and I went to Crave for some happy hour sushi, and it was pretty tasty! Not the best sushi ever, but pretty good, especially for the prices (we had 4 8-piece rolls and 2 beers for $28 total, including tip). We had a hard time finding parking so we parked outside the Block for old times sake. Walking back to our car after happy hour, we decided to stop by the lovely convenience store across the street and picked up a bottle of wine. We came back to the apt and drank wine and chatted. Then Darian came home and his friends Mike and Kyle came over with beer and stuff. We all hung out and it was pretty fun. We also ate some cake balls that I had made the day before. I found the recipe on the website that Van had posted on her facebook. Bakerella or something? They are fun to make and tasty, and so much cheaper than buying them at Holy Cacao on 1st street.

The next day, my actual birthday, I had to work in the morning, but at least it was for only 2 1/2 hours. I didn't tell my boss that it was my birthday, because I feel like when you get to a certain age, you can't just be like "It's my birthday!!! Wahoo!" to everyone you see. Because then it's like, now what? So my assignment for the day at the Drafthouse was to make a "how the drafthouse works" ad. Those were kinda my only guidelines, so I had like all of youtube and my brain to figure out something fun and unique. I came up with nothing. I hope it was partly because it was my birthday, lol, and I was antsy. I'll hopefully go to work tomorrow with some good ideas.

After work, I went to Orbit (which is now on E. Cesar Chavez street) to get my bangs trimmed. Then Melanie and I went out to Freebirds. Afterwards, I went home and took a naaaaap. Kinda lame, I know, but I enjoyed it very much. When Darian came home, we hung out for a while, and then got ready for dinner and Darian's show.

For dinner we went to Uchi!! Yay! My first time to go there! We couldn't find any parking spots, so we had to park next door in a spot that we weren't supposed to park in until after 8pm (it was 7:50). Since I've had bad experiences with tow-trucks, I said we should be careful. Darian actual went inside the place (a dog boarding place) and asked if we could go ahead and park there. They said not until 8pm. (seriously??!!) So we sat in the car and each drank a little bottle of Tequila left over from my birthday 2 years ago!! Finally, it was 8 and we went inside and had a glass of wine while we waited for our table. Not a very long wait though.

Uchi was very tasty!! It's so expensive though, and we really didn't eat too much. I probably could have kept on eating, but I wanted to be considerate of Darian's pocket, lol. There were like 2 people at the restaurant that had baseball caps on. It's just so weird. I was wondering if everyone there was there on their 1 special night out a year or something. I just don't understand why you would wear a baseball cap and a fancy sushi restaurant! So, by the time we sat down i was already drunk, i don't know how, but I was. Maybe because of my midday nap. So to eat we had some yellowtail sashimi in like a citrus sauce that was really yummy. Then we had some salmon nigiri and only 2 rolls. Somehow, it ended up being a good amount. But thinking about it now, i don't know how i didn't keep ordering!

Part of the reason was that we had to get to the Low Lows show at the Continental Club. Melanie, Mike, and Kyle met us there and Kyle bought me some bday drinks. We watched the show and Parker (the band leader) gave me a birthday shout-out. Afterwards, we were disappointed that HomeSlice was closed. So we went back to our apt, and Melanie bought me a lovely Mc Donalds fries gift, so kind! I got tired really fast though, and was in bed way earlier than I should have been on my birthday!

The next day my parents stopped in Austin to have lunch at Mama Fu's and then drive me up to the cabin. I know i know, every weekend the cabin. I just love it so much! So Friday was mainly hanging out just me, mom, dad, cat, and dog. Darian was going to come up after work, but he called me to tell me he had a fever and didn't feel well :( so he stayed home. Luckily the next day he was feeling better, and he and scott both drove up. It was pretty cold so there was no kayaking or swimming, just snacking, games and hanging out, which is always cool with me. For dinner we had beef tenderloin and then had big cupcakes for dessert.

Sunday we drove home after a big breakfast, and then got to relax since it was cold and drizzly outside. Now it's Monday and I'm gearing up for a long day of double work tomorrow. I go to the drafthouse from 9:30-12, then go to TOL from 4-? (hopefully 9pm) Josie has been really crazy today. I think it's because she has so much fun and so much space at the cabin, so when she gets back here, she feels couped up and has a lot of energy. She has now realized how much fun it is when she escapes outside. Erg! 3 times today, when the door was just slightly opened, she dashed outside and tried to get away from us! This is all fine and good, unless she goes out into the street on North Loop! She wouldn't know what to do, because she has no survival skills or anything. I don't want her to die! So I'm going to have to develop a new strategy for dealing with the rascal.

Alright, that's all I have for now. I guess the weekend wasn't as exciting on paper, but it was mostly fun and relaxing to hang out with my fam. If I get a chance, I'll post pics later.

I'll leave you with this song I really like:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lake Festivities

Hola! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Just wanted to catch everyone up on what I've been up to. I guess I haven't been doing much this week, just working and hanging out. I still love my internships <3 On Thursday, Melanie and I went to see Inglourious Basterds (my 2nd time seeing it). It's so so good! I love it. So as for excitement during the week, there was very little. Darian found out that his week and a half west-coast tour has been canceled, or postponed. That's kind of a bummer. I wanted to go, but was pretty sure I couldn't because of work, but I still wanted him to get to go and play shows in LA and stuff. Hopefully they'll do it another time, and maybe I can go along!

So the only thing worth writing about is from last weekend, which I guess I should have posted like last Monday, not saturday, lol. So....Last Saturday, we had a special Q & A for all the interns where we had key people from the movie crew talk to us on what their jobs are like, advice, etc. Then we learned how to write a resume to get a film job. It was really helpful!! After that was over around 5:45, I drove home, got the kitty then picked up Melanie and we headed to the cabin to meet my parents for the weekend.

I've stayed at the cabin like 3 times or so already, but it's just so exciting every time! So we got there at around 8pm, relaxed and ate guacamole and worked on this big puzzle sitting on the table. Then we ate yummy tamale casserole and played this card game called Nerts (?) Oh my gosh, it is so addictive! It's like everyone is playing solitaire at the same time, but the games connect because you're playing on eachothers cards. Very fun!

The next morning, we had pancakes and bacon, then got ready to go to Inks Lake. We drove over, very scenic drive, and got to the Devil's Hole (i think that's what it's called) which is this little swimming area. The water was kinda cold and really murky, but it was fun. There were these big rocks that people were jumping off of, but we were too scared to do it.

After swimming we ate a sandwich picnic and then drove back to the cabin. We got back and attached our 2 kayaks on top of the car and then drove to The Marina, this bar/restaurant (like the only place in our little town). It's a really cute place because you can drive your boat up and park and sit outside and eat burgers, ice cream, creme brulee cheesecake, etc. We had pina coladas and played more cards. At night at this place, you have to make reservations. They put nice white table cloths on the tables and then you play a flat price for a 4 course meal! They have steak and everything and cook it on grills outside. Maybe my family will take me there for a birthday dinner next weekend... After our drinks, we drove down to this nice part of the lake. We kayaked around for a little while and then went back to the cabin. When we got there we got a bit mesmerized with the puzzle and became determined to finish it, so Melanie, my dad and I worked until it was done. It sounds so lame, I know, but it's a cozy thing to do in a log cabin. Then we had a very late dinner of filet mignon and pork tenderloin (from like the frozen food section, but they're really good, and cheap!) Before we had dinner, we wanted to make a salad like the Fuji apple salad from Panera (it's sooo tasty!) so we tried making a creamy apple vinaigrette dressing---fail! We no nothing about salad dressing-making. So we combined mayo, sour cream, buttermilk, apple cider vinaigrette (the biggest mistake), salt and pepper, and olive oil. Oh my gosh, I didn't even want to taste it! Melanie tasted it and informed me that it tasted like throw up. Exactly. I tried it, and it did. So instead we made a raspberry vin. which is much easier.

The weekend was pretty fun and relaxing! It's fun seeing Josie wander around the house, because it's so big and much more fun for a cat then my little apartment. So she was so active and played with Molly's tail, ate her dog food, and at one point, almost jumped into a HOT pan full of bacon grease!!! My mom saved her. It was a close one!

So, I leave you with some pictures from the weekend. I'll post again after my birthday, hopefully there'll be some sort of excitement there!

Josie helping dad with the puzzle by chewing on the pieces

Josie enjoys dog food, Molly's not sure how she feels about this

So cute!!

Josie also helps with the dishes

The devil's hole, with the jumping-off rocks behind

Kayaking on lake LBJ

Monday, September 21, 2009

I May Never Have to Pay for Food Again!

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! I've been good and busy. Busy is good because now I feel productive!

Last Tuesday I had my first day interning at the Drafthouse. It's so fun and laid back there! I only work 2 days, 5 hours total per week, but I wouldn't mind working more because it's really fun! On Tuesday I learned how to capture footage from a DVD and youtube. Good stuff! I then started making a promo trailer for a Betty Page tribute night that is going on at the Lake Creek Alamo next month. I ended up finishing it on Thursday, so it didn't take that long. On Thursday, I also learned about my perks for interning! My perks only work at the Lake Creek Alamo which is a little further away, north on 183, but it's not too far. I can basically take a guest to see any movie (but not on fri or sat) and get free movies for both of us and free FOOD AND DRINK (including beer!) It. is. amazing. I just have to make sure to tip really nicely. So of course, that very night, Darian and I went to see Extract. We got 2 tickets, a pizza, popcorn, 1 drink, and raspberry cheesecake for a total of $5!! I am loving this! (The movie was pretty terrible so I was glad I didn't have to pay for it!) We went again last night and saw The Informant and got lots of tasty goodies. And it was especially exciting because my Betty Page promo trailer aired before the movie!! It was so cool/scary to see something I made on the screen! This week I will be working on a trailer for Macho Man Mondays at the Katy Alamo, and for a holiday season promo. Tomorrow after work I think we might be having a welcome intern lunch. Fantastic!

At my other internship, I worked on Wed and Fri, both were busy busy days. I then had to work in the morning on Saturday. I got to the office at 9am, was the 1st one there, so i made full pots of coffee. I waited. and waited. At 10:30 I was still the only one there!! I emailed my supervisor and she said that a lot of people took Sat off that week because the head honchos were out of town. She told me to stay until Fed-Ex made a delivery. Luckily that happened soon. I signed for the package, made a couple errand stops, then got to go home. But man, was I a little baffled as to why I was the only person at the office. Why did I have to be there so early!!?? hmm.. Well, beside that little frustration, I am really enjoying that internship as well. Lots of really cool people working there!

Last week I had a craving for south american food, so Darian and I tried this place called Casa Colombia which is on 7th street on the East side. It was this really small authentic place, and it was A-Ma-Zing! My goodness, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! To start we had the fried plantains stuffed with mozzarella cheese. Now who the hell thought of that?? It was basically this crunchy buttery big patty, and inside were plantains and gooey cheese. Truly delicious! For dinner I had some sort of shredded beef in yummy sauce with black beans, rice, and plantains. It was one of those meals where it is so easy to completely clear the plate. I was so content after that meal. They also serve real fruit juice smoothie things that you can have mixed with water or with milk (they had these a lot in Costa Rica). Darian got a mulberry one and it was served in a really cool goblet. I recommend it whenever any of you are in austin! If you look it up online, you will see it gets amazing reviews.

Today, one of my 2 days off, Melanie and I went to Barton Springs for the last nice day before the cold front. We actually got in the water too. Then we went to Sushi Nichii for happy hour.

Here are a couple of kitten pics, I can't resist.

Well, I better get to bed. As for my title this week, I think that if I plan it right, on weekdays I shouldn't have to pay for food. Free lunch or dinner at work, free food at the drafthouse, and free food at Freddie's (which i need to do more often!!) Alright, well I hope you guys have a great week! :)